Brain Express dispatch company

Brain Express dispatch company

BRAIN EXPRESS Services is a goods delivery business that has fulfilled all the legal requirements for starting a business in Lagos Nigeria. The business will do all in its ability to fulfill its entire obligation and provide the best service for its customers.

Iheanacho Azubuike is both the owner and the CEO of the business with the head office in Lagos.
We are a subsidiary of Brain Media Group with a focus on Pickup and Delivery of goods for individuals, corporate, organizations etc.


BRAIN EXPRESS Services will be into goods delivery business to provide its customers with the best delivery service ever. Many don’t have the time to shop, while so many could shop online and find it hard to pick up.
Our main work is to help pick up goods from the store, home, market, shopping mall and deliver it to our clients.


is waiting to help you for your Express Courier services, urgent delivery services, Bike delivery services , Parcel delivery services , Goods Delivery Services , Door to door shipping services, pickup and delivery service, Okada Booking services, Food delivery services, Vehicle hire for relocation service. For fast delivery, we would explore various means for our delivery based on the distance and quantity of the goods to be delivered.

Vision Statement
Our vision is to become the best delivering agency and attain the maximum height as a business empire.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to build a business where our customers will be convinced and completely assured that their products are secured with us no matter how much or how little the value of the product is. We are also looking forward to building a market-friendly business where our cost of service will not be overly expensive.

Brain Express dispatch company

By choosing Brain Express Pickup & Delivery, you are sure of reliable service from start to finish, 24 hours a day.
Brain Express delivery services in Lagos, we have years of experience, we are the Lagos premier delivery company. MAKE A BOOKING NOW