Best Dispatch Rider in Dolphin Estate

Best Dispatch Rider in Dolphin Estate, Dolphin Estate was one of Ikoyi’s first gated communities. built by Messrs HFP Engineering Nigeria in 1990 for the Lagos State Development and Property Corporation, LSDPC. This was the completion of phase 1, which consisted of the construction of 646 units. Phase 2 of the project, also developed by Messrs HFP, consisted of the construction of 1458 units. The third phase added prefabricated high rise buildings on eight blocks of the Estate, initially to house those displaced by the construction work.

Best Dispatch Rider in Dolphin Estate

We work closely with our customers, and in Brain Express our bike messengers ride around Lagos cities in order to beat the traffic and deliver your package in time. With bike messengers there are also less overheads such as fuel and congestion charges, so that customers can save cost. When a customer uses Brain Express for repeat business, it is common for a good working relationship to be forged and discounts are often offered, especially for the shorter delivery’s. Repeat business is ideal for both Brain Express and the customer.

Best Dispatch Rider in Dolphin Estate
Brain Express provides an easy, efficient same day courier service. You can be assured knowing that you parcel will be delivered with speed, reliability and efficiency. The etiquette of the Brain Express Courier services revolves around the customer. We are waiting to deliver your goods in time.

By choosing Brain Express Courier service you are sure of reliable delivery from start to finish, 24 hours a day.
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